It’s All Coming Together …

Photo taken by Jessica Snodgrass.

I noticed that the people returning their hard hats after taking a tour of SKyPAC always seemed to have a little extra sparkle in their eyes. Curious as to what I might be missing, I took another opportunity to find out and joined a few Orchestra Kentucky members on their tour of the building guided by Erin Biggers. Erin is SKyPAC’s Marketing & Development Associate, who does a great job telling the SKyPAC story which helps to bring the facility to life.

Photo taken by Mark Rountree.

We headed toward the back of the building and entered via a door into the main hall. As we each took a second to note our footing, we slowly stepped into a large, beautiful space. You can’t help grabbing hold of your hard hat as you instinctively look up towards the ceiling. An overwhelming feeling of reverence comes over you as the reflection from the tin ceiling tiles catch your eye, illuminating all of the enriching elements coming together to complete the space. Over the past two months the facade has slowly transformed; bricks are being laid, the front columns are starting to take shape and the siding is almost complete.

Photo by: Clinton Lewis Photography. Featuring Andee Rudloff and Clinton Lewis.

Each day, a transformation takes place on site as the vision of SKyPAC takes shape. This space will for sure open the eyes of many — it is one-of-a-kind in our community. If you have not yet taken a tour of the site, please DO! It is a unique experience that will definitely give you goose bumps just imagining the exciting things that are just around the corner.

Tours are available until December 9th for groups of 10 or more. Contact Erin Biggers at 270-393-0080 to schedule your tour today!

– Jessica Snodgrass

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About The SKyPAC

The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center (SKyPAC) is a multi-use arts facility located in downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky. that is currently under construction and set to open in March 10, 2012 with Opening Night featuring LeAnn Rimes. Tickets are on sale now for Opening Night call our ticket office at 270.904.1880 or visit us online to purchase your tickets today! SKyPAC will house the South Central Kentucky region’s largest performing arts hall, as well as numerous smaller performance spaces and rehearsal rooms. Highlights of the new arts facility include: an 1,800 seat state-of-the-art performance hall that will serve as the home of Orchestra Kentucky, a 200 seat flexible studio theater for intimate theatrical productions, several multifunctional rehearsal halls and classrooms for students, schools and local arts organizations to use as they prepare for live performances, an outdoor amphitheater for ‘theater under the stars’ and an indoor art gallery space to exhibit the works of local and regional artists.

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